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What information is contained in a Civic Strata Inspections report? 

  • Information on current and past building defect issues, including extracts from building reports, minutes and correspondence.
  • Current financial information, including the balance of owners' funds, annual budgets, total annual levies and levies due from the subject lot.
  • Current, proposed and past building expenditures on maintenance, refurbishments and remedial work. Where possible we provide a history of expenditure for the past seven years.
  • Current, proposed and past Special Levies.
  • Insurance policy details and most recent building valuation.
  • Any current litigation involving the Owners' Corporation, and any current notices or orders served on the Owners' Corporation.
  • Taxation
  • Minutes of Annual General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings.
  • Harmony issues and By-Law infringements within the plan.
  • Alterations and additions by lot-owners, and associated By-Laws.
  • Attitudes to the keeping of pets, and associated By-Laws.
  • Details of the current lot owner, number of lots, date of registration of the plan, and current managing agent.