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About Civic Strata Inspections

Civic Strata Inspections provides strata reports for solicitors and conveyancers throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.  Our inspectors are some of the most experienced working in the field, and bring to their reporting a high level of professionalism and accuracy.  The many thousands of inspections we have carried out over the years have given us an extensive knowledge of the Sydney home unit scene.


Why get a strata report?

Whether you are buying a home unit as an investment or as a residence, a strata records inspection report provides essential information about the strata plan that allows you to make an informed decision.


Strata reports alert the purchaser to any major issues affecting the strata plan which could have a significant financial or other impact after purchase. Major building defects such as waterproofing and concrete spalling,  and local council fire orders, can require large unanticipated expenditures to rectify. These may result in the imposition of Special Levies over and above the normal quarterly payments, which affect all owners - including recent purchasers.


Strata reports also provide a range of other important information about the strata plan, helping to give the purchaser a fuller understanding of the community of lot owners, its management and its concerns.


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